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Well, we’ve gotten as far as we can this summer. The storage area is sealed up. The floor and surrounding cement work is finished with access to the parking lot, and the roof and siding are complete. We’re working with the Legion to store their picnic tables until we can get our own. But it’s a win-win for them and us. Their tables will be out of the winter weather, and we have picnic tables to use for now. We’re going to hold a Halloween party in the shelter during the Village Trick or Treat hours on Sunday, October 31st, so if you’re in town that day be sure to stop in!

We still need to finish the ceiling, lighting, and electricity. There will be permanent doors on the storage area windows, and we’ll find our own seating or tables for the shelter. We need to do some landscaping around the cement too. The library staff is planning on planting a tree in memory of Betty Kauer in the spring. She would have loved watching the children playing in the shelter, and we’re sad that she wasn’t around long enough to get to see it used. The money set aside for the shelter (Library & public donations) is dwindling. There’s a few hundred dollars left in the bank, plus we have a few hundred more in rebate money from our Menard’s purchases. The library staff is in the process of writing a humanities grant to see if we can get more of the project covered with grant money, and we might have to call in a few favors. But, we have come so far in such a short time!