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We’re just about ready to wrap up with the picnic shelter for the summer. We aren’t done yet, but we’re so excited about how much progress was made since Memorial Day weekend. Our fabulous volunteers have been working almost every weekend to make this shelter a reality and we’re so thankful for them!  The cost of building materials hurt us, so the shelter is costing more than we had planned. The donations from the community have helped us out tremendously. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you! Thank you to all who have contributed in any way to make this a success!

We have a few goals to accomplish before the snow flies. We still want to put a sidewalk around the north and west sides, with access to the parking lot on the north. We’re going to finish the enclosed part by covering the windows, and smooth out the lawn on the east and south sides so there isn’t a step up onto the concrete floor. Next spring, we’ll work on getting electricity, finish the ceiling, wrapping the posts, and some nice touches on the landscaping. We’re going to look at finding a good deal on nice picnic tables too, but for now we might have to do some creative seating if needed.